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Get the VIP bonus when using our exclusive 1xbet promo code BETMAX to get $130 bonus or currency equivalent in local money for new players. All you have to do is use the code to sign-up with 1xbet. 

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Bonus & Offers details
Welcome VIP Offer Up to £/$ 130 bonus or currency equivalent in local money with 1xbet  

Register with our promo code when you register to avail the offer, Find more information on 1xbet's website. 

Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago
1xbet promo code
Type BETMAX in the 1xbet promo code field when you sign-up

How to use the 1xbet Code?

Using the 1xbet Promo Code BETMAX to be eligible for their maximum $130 Welcome Bonus is simple, you need just follow there four steps:

Here's what you can expect to get with our 1XBET promo code: BETMAX. It's simple, you'll get an exclusive, higher than the standard one welcome bonus – up to €/$130 (or currency equivalent) – the standard one is only up to €/$100. As a consequence, many people refer to this as the 1xbet promo code 131$ or 131%, referring to the value.

Enter the code BETMAX for up to 200% Welcome Bonus

1XBET Exclusive Bonus:Bonus 100% up to €/$130 (or currency equivalent)BETMAX
Kenya Bonus:Bonus 200% up to 13,000 KESBETMAX
Welcome offer Nigeria:Bonus 200% up to 43,550 NGNBETMAX
1XBET Canada Bonus100% match bonus up to CA$130BETMAX
Bonus in India:Bonus 100% up to 9750 INRBETMAX
Bangladesh Bonus:100% up to 10,000 BDTBETMAX
Bonus in Cameroon:200% up to $100 (around 58,000 XAF)BETMAX
Ghana Bonus:200% up to $100 (around 530 GHS)BETMAX
Bulgaria BonusBonus 100% up to €130BETMAX
Casino Bonus:Play slots and other casino games from the best software developersBETMAX
How to claim bonus:Register using our link and codeBETMAX

The 1xBet Promo Code for Nigeria is BETMAX. Claim the 1xBet’s exciting first deposit bonus of 100% up to ₦36,000! (18+ | T&Cs apply)What is the 1XBET Coupon Code?

Casino Bonus: With the best developers on board that you can trust, try out some casino games or play slots, you will not regret making that decision.

To claim the bonus just register using our link and the 1xbet bonus code provided.

Using the 1xbet Promo Code BETMAX

Anyone would love to receive 100% of their bonus as part of a welcome package! Here is what you can expect to get from ours, but first you need to follow these few very easy steps: As a trusted platform, 1xbet is a new player in the game with its origins stemming from Russia. Now it is also available in Europe and its markets. Licensed by the Institute of Curacao, you can bet that the site is fully legal and is affiliated with Techinfusion, a company located in Gibraltar. To get a better understanding of the bonus welcome offer you need to realise the following:

●     There are various stages one has to pass before becoming eligible to qualify for the bonus offer and should thus be followed accordingly.

●     The details pertaining to the welcome offer.

●     Understanding the portfolio which further outlines the betting details.

●     The online version of the casino, which is similar but better in terms of visuals.

●     The payment methods for deposits and withdrawals in all of their very broad variety.

●     Using your mobile device for making bets or entering the 1Xbet app promo code.

●     Customer support services

100% BONUS ON THE FIRST DEPOSIT How to use 1xbet Promo code: BETMAX?

Would you like to have 100% of your bonus as part of a welcome package? What about 90 pounds for a first-time deposit? This is what you stand to get as our welcome package! However before this can be made possible, you would need to undergo some very easy steps which are required to obtain this welcome package.

The first thing you knew to do though, is that 1xBet is a platform that can fully be trusted. This platform or bookmaker just started recently and is available in its country of origin which is Russia. This means in other words that before now, this platform was only available to Russians. However, in recent times, 1xBet is no longer just for the Russians, but now has access to Europe and its market. You can trust it is legally constituted in many places. This because it has been handed a befitting license which was given by the Institute of Curacao and is seen to be a sub-branch of the Techinfusion company which is located in Gibraltar. There is also a 1xbet promo code for India, which is BETMAX.

To enable you to get a firmer understanding of the welcome offer, we would now discuss and highlight various aspects of the offer. These aspects would include;

  • The various stages which one has to pass to enable get the offer
  • The details pertaining to the bonus
  • The portfolio which outlines the betting details and how it works
  • The casino which is available online
  • The method of payment which would include deposits and the option of withdrawal
  • Betting through your mobile device
  • Customer support

We shall be discussing these in full details;

The Various Stages before getting the 1xbet Promo Code NO DEPOSIT Offer

The first step which you would need to take is providing us with the code of the 1xBet coupon which you have given. However, it is important to note that no individual will be eligible for any welcome package or offer if the individual does not have an account which is active or has made the first deposit. This means, therefore, that these two steps are needed in order to obtain this welcome offer which is provided by 1xBet.

The sequence usually starts with the registration of an account with 1xBet and then is completed with the amount which is meant to be deposited. It is worthy to note that 1xBet only allows users to have one account per the entire household or more pointedly per the IP address. Keeping this in mind while registering is important because violation of this rule will not help you get the welcome package twice. It will get you suspended and banned. So it is advisable that you do not even think about doing it in order to avoid the consequences.

STAGE ONE: 1xbet Promo Code Registration: Enter BETMAX

Like we said earlier, the first stage of getting the bonus is the registration process. There are several ways in which you can accomplish this when registering with 1xBet. Some of these methods include;

  • You can register through the one-click method. This method is simple and only requires that you provide details concerning the country you live in and what currency they do. Other details which you would like to add can be added with time if you wish. These details could include your phone number or Email address. Therefore the process of registration simply requires three things-a means by which you can be communicated with, the country you reside in and the currency which they use.

After this has been provided, the next thing which will be done is the provision of a username and password to the new user. After this, the ball is in your court and you are free to start your betting career now. However, is important to bear it in mind that you would most likely need to provide other details such as your name and the address of where you live and so much more as time progresses. Also, your identity must be verified before any transaction or withdrawal can be sanctioned. It is also better to verify your ID at the very beginning to avoid delay when you want to get the money that you won because this can be quite frustrating.

  • The other method which can be used for registration is the normal registration process which contains up to three 3 fields to answer. This fields would most likely include your country of residence, its currency and the promo code which was given to the user

It is worthy of note that the promo code will be valid no matter the method of registration which was used

STAGE TWO: The Initial Deposit

As soon as your account has been registered with 1xBet, then you are eligible to make your initial deposit. The good thing is that with 1xBet, you can make deposits through a variety of options. All you have to do is to make a choice form it. Then you input how much funds you wish to deposit and then deposit funds using the option of payment which is your preference.

The booker will then make your bonus available to you as soon as your deposit is confirmed and approved. The deposit which would have been made will have to be a minimum of 20 euros. So, therefore, whatever you deposit, the bonus which you would get will be double that amount. However, it has a limit and the bonus is given cannot exceed 90 euros

If you are a user and you come from Kenya, we treat people equally and you can expect the bonus which will be awarded to you will be equal to 90 euros. That is the amount of money awarded will about 10,000 KES

However, it is important to note that a bet must be first placed before you can attempt to withdraw any deposits which you have made. This would also involve meeting a number of requirements before your bonus can be approved


Some certain requirements will have to meet before the bonus which has been awarded will be allowed to be withdrawn in additions to any winnings which you may have gotten during your course of betting.

If however, you plan and insist on withdrawing your funds which you have deposited before you have met all the requirements, you will have to brace yourself for the loss for all your bonus and winnings which you have acquired over the course of your betting. So it is advisable that you exercise patience and finish the requirements which are not too hard to complete.

The requirements which need to be met include;

  • You would have to wager the bonus amount:5x
  • Only bets placed under Acca will be counted
  • The minimum odds which will be placed is 1.40
  • You have no timeframe for meeting these requirements

Careful consideration of the requirement would make realize that the requirements are abnormal in a sense. The normal practice would just be to allow you to place a bet which qualifies you from a free bet. This is different from 1xBet. What is more abnormal is that bets placed under Acca are counted as a way of meeting the requirement. The truth is however that once you understand how everything works under 1xBet, you would find it relatively easy to complete all the requirements. It would just be recommended that you find out how accas operates or works

The good part about the requirements which needs to be met is the lack of a time frame to achieve this. This means that you have unlimited time in which you can complete these requirements. This affords you time to educate yourself on how things work

When the requirements have been completed, 1xBet will commence in sending you offers which are attractive every week. These can be found in your emails or in the section of the website which deals with promotions which are currently taking place


Just as in Europe, all the requirements still apply. The only difference is that Kenyans get the opportunity to double their deposit up to 10,000 KES. Just apply the rules that comply to European players and the rest will follow. Easy as that. Follow the rules and get the rewards.

This bonus is not only available for European users but is also available to Kenyans. The requirements remain the same and Kenyans will have the chance to earn double their deposit bonus which will stand at 10,000 KES.

There is no difference in the requirements which is needed to claim the bonus in Kenya as compared to other regions. It is only available to persons who are registering for the first time.


Same applies for users in Cameroon. Just like Kenya however, players residing in this area get to double the initial amount, which is all dependent on the local currency. The total amount that one can expect from this area is 50,000 XAF. All you have to do to comply is meet the requirements by following the rules and you will be all set.

The users in Cameroon also have the chance of getting a bonus when registration is complete. There exists no difference in the registration process. The only difference is the bonus amount which varies according to the currency which is being used. The total amount of bonuses which user from Cameroon is set to receive is about 50,000 XAF which is double the amount of the initial deposit.

Persons who wish to receive the bonus simply have to follow the steps which have been highlighted above to receive their bonus on time.

The stages to using the 1xbet Promo Code No Deposit Offer:

First step is to get the promo code which is provided. It is important to note that you need to have an active account in order for the code to be verified and accepted, as well as make a deposit. The order of the sequence requires that you register an account and then make a deposit. It is important to 1xbet that one user has only one account , or more to the point, one IP address. Should this requirement not be met, you will not be credited the welcome bonus twice. You may find yourself banned or suspended. So avoid the harsh consequences and follow the rules. They really are not difficult to follow at all. Don’t believe it? Here goes.

Stage one to the 1xbet Promo Code Registration:

Enter the code BETMAX as provided.

There are various methods to this and they are as follows:

●     Register through the one click method. This requires you to include information regarding your location and the  currency applied in that specific area. You may add more information with time, if you wish to, such as your telephone number and email address. There are other important details needed as you’ll see.

●     Next you will need to provide a username and password as a new user.

●     When all is verified, you may begin to play.

It is fair to note that as time goes, you will need to add more of your personal information, like your physical address, name and surname, and so on. In order to avoid any glitches with any of your payment processes, it is best to provide your ID right from the start.

THe other method is providing three fields of information and they are:

●     Including your country of residence

●     The currency used in the country

●     The promo code provided

The promo code is valid whichever process you choose to register.

Stage two: The First Time Deposit

As soon as you are registered with 1xbet , you may deposit into your account. Lucky for you 1xbet makes the deposit process easy with the flexible banking options it offers. Once you have chosen your preferred method of payment, you may make your first deposit. The booker then adds the bonus once the account is approved and you are good to go. The minimum fee required for your first deposit is 20 €. So remember the bonus offer, whatever amount you choose to enter will be matched up to 100%, meaning you get double the amount you deposit. There is however a maximum limit of 90€.

If you happen to be located in Kenya, not to worry; we treat all of our users with equality. The bonus amount will be matched up to Kenyan currency which translates to about 10,000 KES.

Another important fact worth noting is that you need to place a bet before requesting any withdrawals. Which you would still need to meet a few requirements before qualifying for any withdrawals .

1xbet Bonus details and terms.

Of course, there are more requirements to be met before a bonus is rewarded in addition to any other winnings from the time of your betting. Should you insist on withdrawing your funds without having met the required standards, then you should be prepared to lose all of your winnings. So do practice a little bit of patience and make sure that you comply with the not so very difficult requirements. The following are the rules you will need to follow:

  • The wagering requirement is 5x.
  • The only bets which will be counted must be placed under Acca.
  • The minimum odds to be placed are 1.40.
  • There is no specified time-frame to meeting these requirements.

When carefully analyzing these rules you will come to the conclusion that they are indeed, abnormal. As the normal requirements usually allow to place a bet which qualifies you for a free bet. More to that is that bets placed under Acca determine the meeting requirement. Once you understand your way around 1xbet you will realise that it all only seems tricky, it all gets easier with time and experience with 1xbet. We do however recommend that you learn how Acca operates.

A plus is that there is no time limit to meeting all the requirements. Once all the requirements are met, 1xbet will continue sending you weekly updated and enticing bonuses. These will be sent to your email address, although they will also be available on the website as they appear.

1xbet desktop and mobile platforms review:

1xbet Promo Code for Sports - BETMAX

1xbet portfolio For Sports Betting

It is important to note the sport made available by your bookie. With 1xbet, there is a lot to choose from. These include a very wide range from an international soccer selection, including and not limited to the following countries; England, Spain, Germany, South America and more.

Other sports available for betting are:

  • Rugby
  • Curling
  • Snooker
  • NFL
  • Tennis
  • Chess
  • Skiing
  • Hockey and much more.

Allowing you to bet from currencies' stock exchange and others. The odds set are usually from

92% upwards meeting the standards set by the industry, sometimes going all the way up to 96%.

There are also live bets and streaming options available, giving you fantastic odds.

1xbet Casino Games

1xbet Promo Code for Casino 2019

This platform also offers a casino which is stationed online. This allows you to play a vast array of games in the casino which can only be assessed on this platform. That sounds brilliant! Doesn’t it?

1xBet platforms offer you a casino experience you cannot experience anywhere else. It can be accessed via Livestream. Games which can be played involves Roulette, BlackJack and many more.

This platform allows you to choose from a wide range of casino games, online. This choice includes and is not limited to games such as Slots of a good variety, card games, table games including and not limited to BlackJack and Roulette, and so much more! Sounds great doesn't it?

1xbet platforms offer you the opportunity to have a wild online experience from the comfort

of your home; where you can Live Stream top casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack and so many more.

1xbet Mobile Device Betting

1xbet promo code for mobile app

Placement of bets and accessing the casino can all be done through the mobile phone. This is due to the fact that 1xBet has provided a platform which possesses a customized version of the website on mobile phones which makes betting and gaming experiences better. The website is sensitive and is aware of when the website is being accessed by a mobile device and so changes accordingly.

The change, however, does not limit the information which is available to the user when using the mobile phone. The user still has access to all of its features. The requirements which are needed to claim your bonus can be gotten from your mobile device. Just enter the 1xbet bonus code BETMAX as required.

You can now place all your bets using a mobile device, because 1xbet has made it possible to access the games you would find on their website, on mobile devices where the experience is made better through customization. This does not imply that there are different versions for different platforms, no not at all: A user will still be exposed to the same games and the rest of the other features.

1xbet Banking Options:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Trustly
  • Entropay
  • Advcash
  • MERH

The minimum amount to deposit is 1€ with the minimum to withdraw being 2€. These methods are quite flexible and user friendly, especially for the new kids on the block. So whether new or old to the game, there is something there for you, no stress.

The following is a fuller list of banking methods to be used when making deposits or withdrawals:

  • Credit Cards like Mastercard and Visa.
  • Skrill
  • Ecopayz
  • Maestro
  • Bitcoin
  • Paysafecard
  • Paykasa
  • Steam, and even so much more.

There are about 200 different banking methods available for you to choose from, which is really unheard of. At the end of the day, there is no excuse when it comes to banking accessibility, 1xbet has made sure that you can play and get paid, with much ease. Be it with money, credit or debit; not forgetting  the oh so modern electronic wallets!

1xbet Customer support efficiency:

If you happen to have any queries, the customer support service is deemed to be more than competent. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly to make sure you get what you need when making contact and that all your questions are answered accordingly. Just use the available channels to communicate your queries and you will be sorted. Don’t be hesitant in your quest for clarity. It is what they are there for, to support you as a customer, no matter your query. Of course you must keep the questions relevant to the casino, that should go without saying.

1xbet Final Thoughts: Definitely Worth Giving A Go!

Rest assured that the bookie is invested in ensuring that your bets are placed accordingly and that no tricky situations arise from your betting experience. Trust goes a long way with 1xbet, you can believe it. It is also good to know that they make it their business to ensure that there is a variety of games to choose from and place your bets; making sure there is never a dull moment. Whether you are into Blackjack  or Rugby; you are spoilt for choice. All you have to do is register and start enjoying the array of gaming made available to you.

Payments are always processed with ease and without a doubt, all through their abundant payment methods. Combined with the registration process which goes hand in hand with the welcome bonus, this site is one not to miss out on giving a try. Don't just take our word for it, go and check it out now!! Play and enjoy, try not to have your heart set on winning all the way as you may set yourself up for disappointment as 1xbet is a company that needs to make its money as well. The wise choice is to do it in the name of fun; nothing more, nothing less.

The 1xbet promo code is valid until 31 December