1xbet Live Streaming Review 2020

Enjoy live dealerships through 1xbet streaming channels. This is our 1xbet live streaming review! 

1xbet was established in 2007, and has since then, achieved a lot. The site has a vast collection of sports that cuts across all game categories but is primarily based on casino games. It offers live dealership games too for players willing to have more fun during gameplay. 1xbet is licensed by the Curacao government and uses high-quality HSS encryption.

1xbet Streaming Service: A Closer Look 

With the launch of 1xbet ‘s live streaming service, the site proved, once again, its dedication to customer satisfaction. Live streaming services have become necessary in the gambling industry, particularly if you're interested in live dealerships. 1xbet grants players the opportunity to watch live matches being played at the site so they could make stakes and organize their wagers. Despite how useful this appears; it is offered for free and requires no extra cost to use. All members at 1x Bet are eligible to enjoy live streaming services. Apart from providing channels through which matches can be viewed directly, 1xbet live streaming service offers hundreds of live in-play markets from which you can stake on your favorite sports.

365 Streaming Features

We briefly go through the features of 1xbet live streaming service, so you know more about it.

  • Clear Sound: Think of a Manchester football derby without the shouts and overhead comments of the commentators. Or a wrestling match without the hysteric expressions of the crowd when your favorite man performs a stunt or delivers a strike. Inconceivable, we suppose, right? Well, 1X Bet ensures you don't come across this difficulty whenever streaming. The video configuration is well organized such that images and sounds are in perfect synchronization. You don't experience any imbalance that could cause sound to be faster or slower than normal. Everything is just smooth.
  • Internet Connection: This does not require much explanation. To stream videos, you need a stable source of internet connectivity. This could be via your mobile data or WIFI server. We advise the latter to avoid wastage of data. The network connection must be solid and strong to avoid glitches in the display. A poor internet connectivity will cause image or sound distortions.
  • Channels: 1X Bet employs some channels for users to enjoy the live streaming service. These channels are available through collaborations with live streaming service providers. These providers use sophisticated equipment to establish server connections with 1X Bet, thereby making it possible for users to enjoy the service.

Live Streaming Review

1x Bet offers live streaming services that are accessible from all devices: iOS, Windows and Android. The advantages of live streaming are:

  • Bonus on high odds: When you stake high via 1x Bet live streaming, you get bonus on your winnings. This will be explained better later in the article.
  • Real-time experience: Using a live streaming service will give you the dynamic feeling of reality. When you stream live to watch or stake, you are offered a premium feel as though you were at the actual sporting venue. This will give a very enjoyable experience.
  • HD Viewing Quality: These days, hardly would anyone be comfortable watching movies from the 1950's due to the poor viewing quality. 1X Bet live streaming service offers a crystal-clear viewing standard through the use of advanced technological innovations. Videos are crisp and sharp, giving an acute sense of realism to players. The 1x Bet streaming service is such that videos are accessed in a clear-cut, colorful display. This is nice news if you're watching your favorite team play. Red is red; blue is blue; and white is white.

How to access the streaming service 

First, to access 1x Bet live streaming service, you have to become a member at the site if you previously haven't. If registered, then the platform is available to you on two platforms: mobile app and website. It depends on your preference or the resources at your disposal.

Mobile app

The mobile app is the better platform for live streaming at 1x Bet. This is because it is more suitable for the task. While streaming via the mobile app, there are no watching or downloading issues. You have a smooth, hitch-free downloading process as everything is automatically done. You have direct access to your betting history whenever you want to, and to make it better, there's a winning advantage for players who play through the mobile app. It is, however, advisable to check for available games via the website before making a stake.

To access 1x Bet Live Streaming Platform on mobile, follow these steps:

  • Download the 1x Bet mobile app via the Apple Play Store (for iOS users) or 1x Bet official website (for Android users).
  • Register if you are not a member already. And if you're a member, log in.
  • Having successfully gone through the registration and activation process, click on the 1x Bet logo at the top left corner.
  • A column offering many options appears on the screen. This entire line is divided by sports, and at the top corner, you find live betting. Under it, you have a list of upcoming events to pick from and enjoy. Note that the list is arranged according to popularity: the most popular sports at the top and the least played at the bottom.
  • Several streaming channels will pop up, for example: live stream football, live stream tennis, live stream casino and many more.
  • Select the country of the desired competition or tournament.
  • Choose an event under the channel which you intend to bet live on. A coupon icon pops up. 
  • Lastly, select the amount of stake intended and click on ‘make a bet'. 

With these easy steps, you can now access 1x Bet live streaming service. However, the last step is not necessary if you aren't staking a bet. 1x Bet allows you to use the live streaming links without any cash, that is if you aren't playing to win.

Website Access

As mentioned earlier, users can enjoy 1x Bet live streaming features directly from the official website. This requires no download, save for a plug-in.  

To enjoy 1x Bet live streaming via the website, use these steps:

  • Visit the casino's official website.
  • Click on registration to become a member (if you aren't already) or select log in if you have an existing account.
  • At the top left corner, you'll find two options through which you can access live streaming: ‘sports' and ‘live'.
  • Select any depending on what you want.
  • If you select ‘live', you'll be directed to a page with a lot of games to stake live on. Available games here are usually headed by table tennis. 
  • If your interest is, however, in enjoying the live streaming service, that is no live staking, select the alternate sports option just beside live and you'll be directed to a list of available sports to stream live. As usual, football tops this chart.
  • Select the sport you have interest in. For example, if you select football, you'll have 39 betting options, with the English Premier League and England Championship serving as notable mentions.
  • Proceed to stream live and you're good to go.

Bonuses and Offers

Using 1x Bet live streaming does not come with any specific bonus but there is at least something to enjoy.

1x Bet offers players who use the live streaming option, either sports or live, the opportunity to get bonus on stakes with high odds. That is, when your bet or stake meet certain fixed considerations, you get rewarded in return. This offer begins at the 1st of every month and is enjoyed at the month end. That is, players get rewarded based on the cash spent for the previous month.

Thresholds to Be Met

  • Your stake must be deposited with at least €0.70
  • The possible outcome of your odds must be between 30 and 501.
  • To withdraw bonus, you must place a bet with the equivalent of the bonus amount on any sports games with at least 1.9 odds.

Top 10 Winning Bets

This is rather seen as a pool prize as the top 10 winning bettors get certain percentages on the overall bonus amount.


  • Two players who win the two highest odds will receive 10% of overall bonus amount
  • Four players who win stakes at the 2nd and 3rd highest odds will receive 5% of overall bonus.
  • Four players who win stakes at 4th and 5th highest odds will receive 2.5% of overall bonus.

User Interface, How It Functions

We have already described how 1x Bet live streaming works in the steps to access the service. Please scroll up to read. Regarding the interface, it is quite similar to a TV display. There is the enlarge option, volume options, sports title and other related functions.

Which Sports Are Covered?

1x Bet live streaming channels cover numerous sports. 

Under live, there are more than 70 sports to view, examples are tennis, basketball, ice hockey, table tennis, Esport, horse racing, PES, sociable soccer, American football, cricket and many more.

Under sports, there are over 30 sports to select from with each presenting a multitude of betting opportunities. An example is football, that presents 20+ leagues to bet on.

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